I’ve just watched back to back episodes of Younger’s season 3 finale. If you haven’t watched the final episode then be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Breaking down the key events in the double episode ending:

  • Liza and Charles kissed
  • Josh sees them kissing which ruins the marriage proposal he had planned
  • Liza tells Kelsey the truth about her age

Point number 1: Liza and Charles
Oooooo Liza. Liza. Liza. How could you?

I know it’s tempting with Berlin singing ‘Take my breath away’ and all but still….

Anyway, I do think that Charles has more in common with Liza than Josh does but that makes it such a boring relationship if they were together. I doubt they’d last long if they did end up together. I love Charles but I’m not a fan of Liza and Charles together. I do have to give him credit for his excellent taste in music, I mean who doesn’t love Berlin!

Point number 2: Liza and Josh
If you can’t tell yet, I’m a BIG #teamjosh supporter. The guy is patient and has put up with so many of Liza’s issues. If that’s not enough proof that he loves her, I don’t know what is. I really do feel sorry for the guy though. Walking in on his girlfriend kissing her boss on the night he planned to propose to her, that’s a big smack to the face.

I’m heart broken with the way the relationship ended. I really love Josh and Liza together and hope that there is still a chance that they’d get back together again in the next season; though I don’t know how Josh is going to look pass all of Liza’s screw up.

Photo: Worn On TV

Point number 3: Liza and Kelsey
Honestly, I don’t know how Liza managed to keep the lie that she is a 40 year old posing as a 26 year old for so long from Kelsey. Anyway, I’m so glad she finally told Kelsey the truth albeit for the wrong reasons; maybe to make herself feel better and come clean to Kelsey after Josh had called her a liar.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next season to see how Kelsey reacts.

Before I end this post, can I just say that I absolutely love, love, lovE, loVE, lOVE,LOVE Sutton Foster in the white conrad dress by Ronald Mouret in this episode. The dress looks so beautiful on her and really shows off her endless legs.

Now… what to watch next to occupy my time until season 4 returns…

Written by Tash

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