Rogue One was not a movie that I expected.

A few days ago, I went into the cinema expecting to be entertained with the classic styled Star Wars movie that I have grown to love. Rebels fighting for a cause with Jedis showing their skills with maybe a few awesome lightsaber fighting scenes and my most favorite part of all for Star Wars is the light banter that happens between the characters that made the movie so much fun to watch.

Rogue One is different. It’s much darker and more serious in its story-telling style.

I struggled to enjoy the first half of the movie. Waiting for the film to fulfill my expectations. I can’t help but felt a slight disappointment. BUT, the final act of the movie was when the action began. AND, I have to say the unexpected ending made such an impact that it made up what I felt was lacking the traditional Star Wars feel in the first half of the movie.

I really had mixed feelings about the movie when I exited the cinema but I saw it for the second time today and I’ve come to appreciate the movie more. Rogue One is a stand-alone movie from the Star Wars franchise and has its own style.

Once I accepted that fact, I realized that it is a great movie.

Fun fact: It’s the only Star Wars movie that did not feature the original music score.

Favorite character: The blind warrior monk, Chirrut Imwe; played by Donnie Yen.

Favorite scenes: Darth Vader being a badass killer in the only lightsaber scene and of course the surprising ending.

Written by Tash

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