Title:             Carrie
Author:        Stephen King
Format:       Audiobook
Duration:    7 hours and 24 minutes

If you were born in the 70’s, then you would have seen this movie growing up. It was a pretty big movie during my growing up years. I know I saw the movie first. I’m pretty sure I read the book sometime in my early teens. I’m not completely sure to be honest. We didn’t have Goodreads when I was growing up so I could have totally imagined reading it.

I recently decided to read ALL of Stephen King’s work… in sequence. It might take me forever but I’ll get through the list eventually. First up on his list of works is of course Carrie.

Carrie (the movie) is easily one of my personal favourites. I can watch the movie ten thousand times and will probably never get bored of it. This movie introduced me to Sissy Spacek as well. I don’t think I truly appreciated the movie growing up as much as I do now especially after re-reading Carrie; her performance was brilliant. She really brought Carrie White’s character to life.

I purchased an audiobook version of Carrie narrated by none other than Ms Sissy Spacek herself. Let me just repeat this, if I did read the book when I was younger I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate the book as much then as I do now.

First there is a prologue read by Stephen King himself giving us a little bit of background on what inspired him to write Carrie. I thought that part was interesting though I’ll be honest I skipped a part or two cause it did get a bit slow.

Two, listening to Sissy Spacek narrate Carrie is an incredible experience. Seriously, you must listen to her bring this story alive.

Three, if I thought this book was good in my teens; revisiting the book now has convinced me it is excellent with an engaging storyline despite it being King’s first book ever published.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone is familiar with the story so I won’t go into details. In fact, I believe they even did a remake of the movie just a couple of years ago (I rarely bother watching remakes cause I usually get disappointed).

So in summary, this audiobook got a 5 star from me for great storyline and performance. Read this book. You’ll appreciate the build-up; the details on the unfortunate events as they unfold, the characters and how they play a part in creating the tragedy that ended with the destruction of a small town and the death of so many.

I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version. The listen is worth the experience even if you have read Carrie in the past. Safe to say that Carrie (the audiobook) is now one of my personal favourites.

Written by Tash

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