Hello everyone.

Welcome to 40 and Above.

My name is Tash and by now you’ll already know that I’m in my 40’s (so much for keeping my age a secret huh?)

Just a little bit about me

I am a wife, a mom and a Small Business Marketing Strategist at Chicpreneur Marketing.

My husband and I married only a couple of years ago. So while most friends our age are busy sending their kids to high-school and college (I also had a friend my age who recently sent an invite for their daughters’ wedding!!! Like WTF?), my husband and I are still running around chasing toddlers.

I have two young and energetic boys, the eldest is six years old and the second is four. My youngest is a daughter who is still a baby.

Like any normal parents, we’re pretty crazy about our kids although most times they just pretty much drive us crazy.

Yup, say hello to my three rascals.

Don’t let their innocent looks deceive you, they’re pretty capable of driving a mentally stable adult up the wall but I love them to pieces.

40 and Above

I started blogging about fifteen years ago on the blogger platform. Blogging is my creative outlet. After giving birth to my eldest son, I kinda quit blogging and wrote very inconsistently. I missed writing and connecting with bloggers but just couldn’t find the time to manage a blog, a toddler, and a job when I became a mom.

Anyway, I recently created 40 and Above to re-start a hobby I’ve left behind for years. This blog is my way of creating my own space in this insane world; while I juggle caring for myself, my family and chasing a life-long dream of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Plus, I needed something to do to keep me occupied that didn’t have anything to do with my family or work… sort of an escape from my reality… lol.

I have a variety of interest but my main addiction is collecting and using Japanese planners and stationery. I use to be an avid reader but juggling mommy and entrepreneur roles have taken a lot of my reading time. So I listen to audiobooks instead; in the car, while waiting for an appointment, while cooking and even when I am taking a shower (no joke). Sleeping is hands down my ultimate favorite time-wasting activity.

You’ll find that my posts are pretty sporadic. That’s because I blog for fun. I enjoy blogging and do it when I can.

If you’ve somehow come across my blog, thanks for dropping by. I really hope you like what you read. If you’d like to connect with me, drop me a note. I love making new friends, near or far.

Have a great day ahead and drop by again when you can.

Lotsa love,