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I started using the Jibun Techo B5 sometime in February last year. Now almost a year of using the Jibun, I dare say I’ve finally found planner peace. If you don’t know about the Jibun Techo you can read my first post on the planner here.

In a nutshell, the full set of the Jibun Techo comes in a set of three. The Life book, the Diary and the Ideas book. My set up for 2017 was one Diary plus two Ideas notebook. I didn’t make much use of the Life book and left it at home mostly unused. To be honest, I didn’t really have time to explore the Life book because it needed some translation work to fill up but I’m planning to make use of it a little bit more for 2018 since I have just discovered the Google translate phone app… *slaps forehead, rolls eyes*

For 2017, I mostly in the weekly calendar section of the Diary. The Jibun has many other sections but I ignored it for the most part of the year because I just wanted to try planning using their weekly calendar page. My last planner was a Hobonichi A6. I love the Hobonichi A6 but not as a primary life planner. The one page a day was a big turnoff for me because I attend a lot of meetings and the one-pager is simply not enough to cover my meeting notes for the day or I don’t use the page at all and leave it empty.

There are a few reasons why I love the Jibun Techo’s weekly diary layout:
– I love that I can see my whole weeks activity at a glance.
– There is enough space to bullet journal my to-do-list for the day in each daily section as well as space at the side of the journal to list out goals for the week.
– There is also a section at the bottom to plan what to cook for each day, which is important because I try my best to plan ahead my meals so that I can also plan my grocery list.
– I love that its also a grid styled book, this is more of a personal preference.
– The paper quality is excellent for the rare times that I use my fountain pens. I write mostly using a mechanical pencil.

I used the Ideas notebook for all my meeting notes and used a total of 6 books in 2017. Yup, I DO TAKE A LOT OF MEETING NOTES.

The only thing I had a problem with was the size. It was kinda big to carry around in my handbag as an everyday carry.
Here are a few samples of how I’ve used the Jibun in 2017.

Seeing that I love the Jibun Techo’s diary which is the most important part for me in a planner, I’ve decided to continue on with the Jibun Techo for 2018 but in a B6 biz mini size. I am going to fully explore and use ALL books and sections of the Jibun Techo as much as I can this year.

I’m currently one month in with my 2018 Jibun Techo B6. I absolutely love it. Looking to find time to write a full review on the Japanese planner soon.

If you’d like to find out more about the Jibun Techo, you can read my first post on the Japanese planner here.