I thought it was apt that my first post for this blog be a quick review of what I’ve achieved in 2016.

This will obviously be a short post.

In late 2015, I decided to break the bank, quit a job I loved and take a break from my career to spend time at home with my family and pursue my personal interests. I’m very blessed to be able to take time off from work.

This past year, I completely took my career hat off and became a full-time mom. I spent quality time with the family especially the kids; I was there for them when they needed me without worrying about work responsibilities and that felt really great. I did activities with the kids that I wasn’t able to do much off when I was juggling a career; simple things like – playing with the kids, reading to them, catching a movie with them – like I said simple activities that has become precious moments for me.

On a personal level, I have to admit that I have wasted my year off. I had a list of things I wanted to do: explore business ideas, exercise, read books, start a blog – literally had 10,000 things on my to do list for the year. I did none of them.

The only thing I did however, was binge-watch TV shows. I caught up with old and new TV series that I never had a chance watching when I was working. So, I guess on a personal level I achieved being a successful couch potato with the ability of binge watching a whole season of a TV series within two days tops. Woohoo! Pat on my back.

So, I asked myself:

Could I have done more and striked-off some of my 2016 to-do list?
Exactly, what did I achieve this year?
Am I disappointed with my achievements this year?

The answer:

Well, of course I could have done more to achieve the personal goals I had set out for myself in early 2016.

So, what have I achieved this year?
Reviewing the past year, I believe my achievement is more focused on relationships. I feel that I have spent quality time building relationships and memories with the people that matters to me the most; my family.

Of course the most memorable and special moment for me this year is giving birth and welcoming our third child and only daughter in the family. Our little princess was born in October and she has brought us much joy. I guess I could claim this as a personal achievement seeing that I did give birth naturally WITHOUT EPIDURAL at the age of 41 years old.

Me and my family

Am I disappointed with myself that I didn’t strike off any of my personal to do list?
I’ll be honest and say NO. I’ve been thinking about why this is so and I think that it was really nice to have a year without (more like ignoring) a goal to chase after for once. I literally bummed for the whole year and IT FELT GREAT!

2016 to me was a much-needed recuperation period from 18 years of hard work building a career in the marketing industry and 7 years of stress juggling work and family. So for that, I will definitely miss 2016. There will be no more bumming in 2017.

Moving forward.

2016 – A year of recuperation; lotsa sleep, lotsa TV, rest and relax and now I feel rejuvenated and so pumped to welcome 2017. I am really looking forward to the new year.

As for my goals for the coming year, I’m just going to recycle some of my list from 2016 and move it forward to 2017. (haha… like that’s never been done before)

I have a feeling that great things are heading my way in 2017.

Written by Tash

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